October 13, 2020

Landscape Planning Limited was retained in 2016 to undertake a landscape master plan update, design development, construction documentation and contract administration for the St. Thomas Outdoor Recreation Complex. The complex is approximately 113 acres of irregular shaped industrial/agricultural lands and includes the following amenities: 3500 sq.ft. fieldhouse building (male/female washrooms, male/female change rooms, concession booth,...

October 13, 2020
Pathway into park with metal loops.
Shade structure with childrens playground.
Children's playground.
Children's playground.
Shade structure.
Retainer wall.

This park redevelopment project incorporates a new program of recreational amenities as well as a multitude of custom site elements. Recreational amenities include junior/senior play apparatus, two (2) tennis courts, a lawn/ winter skating rink, and passive circuit walkway. Custom features include a new park entry archway feature, shade pavilion at the active play plaza,...

October 13, 2020
Children playing in the water park.
Children's water park.
Children's water park.
Children's playground.
People bicycling on a path through the park.
Children's playground.
A group of hostas surrounding a tree with the park in the background.

This community park spray pad was custom designed & based on the theme of deep sea creatures. Conceptual ideas were brought to life with memorable features such as Power Periscopes, Giant Octopus, Super Starfish, Monster Jellyfish, & Giant Tube Worms. Custom painted eye balls of the Octopus roll & spray, delighting children of all ages....

October 13, 2020

David Hamilton Park is a 10.4 ha Community Park located in the City of Richmond Hill. Landscape Planning Limited was retained in 2015 to undertake the Landscape Master Plan design, construction documentation, obtain all necessary permits and to provide contract administration services. Park amenities include a senior baseball diamond, a senior softball diamond, Category 3...

October 13, 2020
Birds eye view of a winding path through a park.
Birds eye view of path with numbers on it.
Giant ornamental dice in park.
Curved bench.
Curved bench with childrens playground in the background.
Pathway with large numbers.

This park development was designed as a ‘Snakes and Ladders’ board game. The use of slides, ladders, numbered concrete bays and dice stations strategically located at seating nodes make the park a ‘workable’ board game. Key amenity and theme features include: junior/senior playground area, rope ladder, two hill slides, hill steps, unit paving hill staircase,...

October 13, 2020
Children's playground.
People walking down pathway toward entrance into park.
Overview of children's playground.
Rock retainer wall with unique park bench.
Metal railing with cut-out metal horse heads.
Pathway into park.
Birds eye view of park.

This park development was designed and themed as a horse ranch referencing the early settlement and historical use of the property. The site offers a multitude of uses that relate to all age groups including: children’s playground, fitness stations, walking and jogging loop, double tennis court with acrylic surfacing; basketball court. Other key amenity and...

October 13, 2020
Entrance to the park.
Pathway to the playground.
People playing basketball in a court.
Large stone with black pheasant painted on it.
People sitting under a gazebo.

Neighbourhood parks are an essential component to residential developments and are integral to the success and ‘livability’ of communities. Unique to this site is its location adjacent an existing woodlot, undulating topography, and its historical cultural context. This 2-hectare neighbourhood park’s amenities include mini soccer, basketball court, junior/senior play precincts, passive walkways & lookout point....

October 13, 2020
People sitting on park benches.
Children in playground with parents watching.
Large curved stone retainer wall.
Stone staircase with metal handrail
A small child crawling up a low stone wall.
Children playing in a splash pad.
Trees and shrubs with a building in the background.
Grande opening of the park.
Large water park and splash pad with lots of children playing in it.
Large water park and splash pad with lots of children playing in it.
Overview of park.

This large accessible spray pad is the focus of the district park and is a destination favourite for all in this community. Featuring a Vortex System, this spray pad provides dynamic play for children of all ages including interactive directional water jets, ground geysers, spray cannons, huddle sprays, raining flowers, whale rings & fumbling fives....

October 12, 2020
Shade structure with picnic benches under it.
Several meandering paths through park.
Children's playground.
Pathway through park.
Large rocks with playground in background.

This park development, as the name indicates, was designed as a series of meandering paths, nodes and playground pods. The park’s organic layout, coupled with the use of dramatic topographic changes allows for the cohesive meandering theme to be achieved throughout. Key amenity and theme features include: shelter, junior/senior playground equipment, slide, trampoline, swings, sand...

October 12, 2020
Park benches
Pathway through the park
Small pond surrounded by bushes.
Wooden fence
Shade structure
Two tennis courts
Birds eye view of the park

Landscape Planning Limited was retained in early 2015 to undertake the Landscape Master Plan update, design development, construction documentation, contract administration and permits from the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority for Phase 1 of Henderson Memorial Park. The park is 100 acres in total and includes the following amenities and features: park identity features (masonry...